Main Character
Alessandra Cipriano
Name Alessandra Reid (neé Cipriano-Rossi)
Gender Female
Birth Date April 13, 1976
Family Spencer Reid (husband)

Marilena Reid (daughter)
Valeria Cipriano (mother)
Antonio Cipriano (step-father)
Unnamed father (status unknown) David Rossi (half-brother)
Lorenzo Cipriano (half-brother)
Evelina Marino (sister-in-law)
Lucan Cipriano (half-newphew)
Gavriella Cipriano (half-niece)
James David Rossi (half-nephew; deceased)
Joy Struthers (half-niece)
Carolyn Rossi (former sister-in-law; deceased)
Hayden Montgomery (former sister-in-law)
Unnamed sister-in-law (status unknown)
Lilliana Reid (sister-in-law)
Jameson Hotchner (nephew-in-law)
Neroza Hotchner (niece-in-law)
Kai Struthers (great-half-nephew)
Sal (uncle; deceased) Rosie (aunt; deceased) William Reid (father-in-law)
Diana Reid (mother-in-law)

Job BAU special agent
Rank Supervisory Special Agent
Specialty Child Abduction
Status Alive
First Appearance The Last Word

"I'll get as many as these bastards as I can."

Alessandra Reid (née Cipriano-Rossi), often called "Alessa", is a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU. She is the half-sister of David Rossi and is married to Spencer Reid, the brother of her best friend. She joined the team shortly after Elle Greenaway retired from the FBI along with Emily Prentiss. Her position on the team was only supposed to be temporarily. However, Hotch requested that she permanently join the team.

She specalizes in child abduction.



On the JobEdit