Season Three of Criminal Minds: Summer aired from June 3, 2015, to August 26, 2015. A movie also aired on July 25, 2015.



Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode
FREE LIBERTY "Detour" June 3, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 1
The BAU is called to New York City to investigate a spree killer who is randomly shooting foreign tourists in what appear to be hate crimes. Meanwhile, the team continues to cope with Kate's retirement.
HITCHHIKING "Highway" June 10, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 2
When a recently paroled serial rapist from Florida is found murdered in an Arizona home, the BAU must retrace his steps and deduce his intention to identify the killer. As the investigation continues, the team uncovers a shocking link between the victim and one of the assisting investigators.
THE DEVIL "666" June 17, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 3
A string of murders in Boulder, Colorado, lead the BAU to believe they are the work of an uncaught serial killer known as "The Triple Six Killer".
AT THE CORNER "Paranoia" June 24, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 4
The BAU is called to Iowa after a bomb tears through a candlelight vigil for the one-year anniversary of a horrific mass shooting. Meanwhile, JJ has some news for the team.
KILL TO SURVIVE "Militia" July 1, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 5
Reid's life is put at risk when he infiltrates a possible terrorist militia in Wyoming during a case.
SO FUNNY "LOL" July 8, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 6
A series of particularly gruesome murders in Salem, Oregon, have the BAU searching for an unsub who revels in taunting the police. Meanwhile, Rossi is shocked when he learns his third ex-wife may be involved in the case.
HOUSE ON FIRE "Heated" July 15, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 7
While testifying in the trial of a serial arsonist they captured in San Francisco, the BAU is suddenly thrust into a dangerous situation when parents of several of the victims take the law into their own hands and hold the entire courtroom hostage, which includes Gabriel, who is attending the trial.
A SAFE HAVEN "New Haven" July 22, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 8
Spree killer and family annihilator Jeremy Sayer, who was captured by the BAU five years ago, is paroled for good behavior, despite the team's objections. When a prostitute's murder days after in New Haven, Connecticut, bears the hallmarks of Jeremy's M.O., Morgan makes it his mission to recapture him.
I AM HOME "Why?" July 29, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 9
As Reid takes a break from the BAU after his mother is hospitalized, the rest of the team travel to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to investigate a devolving serial killer.
ICELANDIC "ótti" August 5, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 10
A serial killer is at large in Nashville, Tennessee, and the BAU must rely on the sole survivor of the murders, a blind man who can only speak Icelandic, to help them apprehend the unsub.
ROCKABYE BABY "SVU" August 12, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 11
In a special crossover event, the BAU joins forces with the detectives of the Special Victims Unit in New York City as they investigate a series of child abductions. However, the differing methodologies of the two units causes the members to butt heads with one another.
DESPERATION "BAU" August 12, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 11[1]
The BAU and SVU's joint investigation into the child abductions continues as the abductor grows increasingly dangerous. JJ and Detective Olivia Benson soon find themselves being held hostage by the unsub.
INTERROGATION "Repent" August 19, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 12
When a man in Chicago confesses to committing dozens of murders, the BAU is called in to verify the legitimacy of his claims. Meanwhile, Morgan visits his family.
A SIGN "One Calamity" August 26, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 13
Hotch becomes unnerved when a copycat of his arch-nemesis George Foyet appears in Boston.


  1. Counted as part of the SVU episode roster