Season Two of Criminal Minds: Summer aired from June 4, 2015, to August 27, 2015. A movie also aired on July 25, 2015.



Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode
BLACKBIRD "Night" June 4, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 1
The BAU is called to Augusta, Maine, to investigate the appearance of a serial killer calling himself "The Doctor". Meanwhile, every individual team member continues to recover from Blake's resignation and the case in Silverton, Texas.
A SHOOTING STAR "Rundown" June 11, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 2
As the BAU tracks down a motorist who is attacking random pedestrians with his car in Virginia, one of their own is endangered and forced to confront a hidden secret.
GUILTY "Good" June 18, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 3
While tracking down an abducted teenager in North Salt Lake, Utah, the BAU finds their investigation complicated by an enigmatic witness who appears to be wracked with guilt over being unable to stop the crime.
ON FIRE "Pandora" June 25, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 4
The BAU is called over to Detroit to investigate the disappearance of a high-class woman in a rundown neighborhood. However, the investigation puts them all at risk when the mostly African-American residents begin violently resisting against the authorities.
A CROSSING "Border" July 2, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 5
When a Canadian man on a murderous rampage crosses the border and continues his killings in the U.S., the BAU must determine his motive for entering the country.
THE BRIDGE "Question" July 9, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 6
The BAU finds themselves questioning their profiling abilities when new evidence emerges, proving the innocence of a man they identified as the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders in Kansas City, Missouri. The team must now find the actual unsub before he kills someone else, while avoiding tension from the exonerated suspect and his family.
MANY WIVES "Faithful" July 16, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 7
A series of murders of women in Washington lead the BAU to realize all of the victims are wives to a closet polygamist.
ALLIGATORS "Swamp" July 23, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 8
The discovery of several partially eaten bodies in the Everglades points the BAU to a serial killer who has perfected a disposal method for his victims.
EMASCULATED "Trauma" July 30, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 9
The BAU is called to San Francisco to investigate the torture-murders of several convicted sex offenders. Meanwhile, Reid continues to cope with surviving his gunshot wound.
57 "Five-Seven" August 6, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 10
After a mass shooting occurs inside a cafe in Chicopee, Massachusetts, the BAU realizes the case is connected to a rising arms trafficking ring operating in the northeastern U.S. that is catering to violent criminals and mentally ill people.
RELEASE FLUKE "Nonstop" August 13, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 11
The BAU is called to Greensboro, North Carolina, to investigate a serial killer targeting male prostitutes. Meanwhile, Morgan is asked out by his new neighbor, Savannah.
ONE WAY OUT "Breakout" (Part 1) August 20, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 12
When several inmates escape from a maximum-security prison in Nevada and embark on an increasingly violent crime spree together, the BAU must act quickly to recapture all of them. The urgency to catch the offenders becomes even higher when they realize one of the escapees is not what he seems.
HAZARD WARNING "Outbreak" (Part 2) August 27, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 13
With a pandemic of the bird flu underway, the BAU must not only find the unsub responsible, but a vaccine when one of their own comes down with the disease.
"Memories" September 3, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 14