Season One of Criminal Minds: Tennessee aired from June 7, 2015, to August 30, 2015. A movie also aired on July 25, 2015.



Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode
200px "Whitehaven" June 7, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 1
The TBI must work quickly to defuse a situation in a predominantly African-American Memphis neighborhood after a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man.
200px "Franklin" June 14, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 2
When patients begin dying at a Franklin hospital, the TBI suspects an Angel of Death is involved.
200px "Shelbyville" June 21, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 3
A horse and its trainer go missing before a celebrated horse show, and the TBI uncover a nefarious motive behind the disappearances.
200px "Spring Hill" June 28, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 4
The TBI investigate the death of a child at a historic house in Spring Hill, and the case unnerves Arnie.
200px "Knoxville" July 5, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 5
The TBI goes into high gear when a spree killer equipped with heavy weaponry starts terrorizing the streets of Knoxville. Meanwhile, Dolan gets into a fight with his wife.
200px "Great Smokies" July 12, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 6
The TBI participates in an urgent search for a family that disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the Great Smoky Mountains. Meanwhile, the case forces Stella to face her greatest fear.
200px "Chattanooga" July 19, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 7
A new batch of lethal drugs being distributed to teenagers in Chattanooga causes the TBI to crack down on a drug trafficking operation. Meanwhile, Brooks meets up with her estranged son.
200px "Murfreesboro" July 26, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 8
A devastating car crash leads the TBI to an energy company with a nefarious CEO, in an investigation that puts the team's lives at stake.
200px "SR-1" August 2, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 9
The TBI investigates a sniper attacking vehicles driving on a state highway.
200px "Watauga" August 9, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 10
The TBI is called to Elizabethton to investigate a serial killer who dumps his victims' bodies in Watauga Lake.
200px "Kentucky" August 16, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 11
When two dangerous inmates escape from a prison bus, the TBI pursue them into the neighboring state of Kentucky.
200px "Centennial Park" (Part 1) August 23, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 12
An anonymous tip places the TBI on the trail of a group of terrorists plotting a major attack. However, things take an unexpected, horrible turn, and one of their own becomes personally involved in the manhunt.
200px "Nashville" (Part 2) August 30, 2015 UnSub-Zero UnSub-Zero 13
With Dolan badly wounded in an ambush and Brooks emotionally compromised, the TBI continues their pursuit for the terrorists.