Criminal Organization


Dale Eastman
Tyler Proctor


Killing Team

Country of Origin

Colorado, U.S.

Area of Operation

Boulder, CO


Dale Eastman

No. of Mutual Victims

2 killed
1 attempted
1 hostage

Appx no. of Members

2 (1 deceased, 1 incarcerated)

Dale Eastman and Tyler Proctor are a pair of cousins who embarked on a string of copycat murders based on The Triple Six Killer. They appeared in "666".


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Modus OperandiEdit

Dale and Tyler emulated the Triple Six Killer's murders during their crimes, only with distinct differences. Like the original killer, most of their victims were raped (usually by Dale alone) and killed by exsanguination. The first murder victim was also abducted, held captive for a week, and raped repeatedly during that time before being killed, just like the Triple Six Killer did with some of his victims. This victim was then dismembered post-mortem and had her body parts disposed in front of houses and public buildings. However, unlike the original killer, who targeted random people, Dale and Tyler targeted blonde, blue-eyed women or teenage girls, which reminded Dale of his twin sister Joanna. They would keep their abducted victims captive at Dale's workplace. Usually, Dale would be the one to commit all of the rape components of the murders, but during Jeanna Elks' murder, he was assisted by a reluctant Tyler.


The unsubs are a two-person killing team who are fascinated with the Triple Six Killer. Much like the original killer, they are organized in planning their crimes, but become disorganized when committing the actual crime. Every killing team has a dominant partner and at least one submissive partner. The dominant partner would be a man in his late 20s to early 30s, who would be a sexual sadist who has been arrested before, most likely for sexually-related offenses. The submissive partner would be a man around the dominant's age range, if not slightly younger; he would be characterized as shy, withdrawn, and almost totally dependent on the dominant partner. They probably live or once lived in the same area where the Triple Six Killer was active. Unlike the original killer, they seem to have a specific victim type: blonde women with blue eyes. The murders may be a cover for the dominant partner's true intention: to carry out another fantasy involving these women.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2015:
    • June 7: Chelsea Hawkins (abducted, held captive, fatally exsanguinated a week later, and dismembered post-mortem; disposed her body parts in front of houses and public buildings)
    • June 15-16: Jeanna Elks (raped and exsanguinated)
    • June 16: Linda Warner (abducted and attempted to kill; was rescued the next day)
    • June 17: Savannah Proctor (Tyler's sister and Dale's cousin; held hostage)