Daniel Milton





Birth Date

January 17, 1999


Andrew Milton (father)
Clara Milton (mother)
Julia Milton (sister)


High-school student


Spree Killer

Modus Operandi




Portrayed By

Peyton Meyer

"How could you people be happy again when my family couldn't?! Huh?! TELL ME!"

Daniel "Danny" Milton was a teenage spree killer, abductor, and stalker who appeared in "Ripped".


Danny was born in Carson City, Nevada, and raised in a happy household. However, when he entered his teenage years, the marriage between his parents, Andrew and Clara, began to deteriorate. The two became emotionally distant and would argue, with Danny and his younger sister Julia being caught in the middle of them. This domestic turmoil caused Danny to develop a disciplinary problem at school, being suspended twice for fights. In 2014, Andrew started a romantic affair with a married woman, Shannon Murray, who was his coworker. Shannon ended the affair the following year when her husband Richard found out, and Andrew, acting on her advice, revealed the affair to Clara. Outraged, Clara took Danny and Julia and filed divorce papers. With his once-joyful family now torn apart, Danny blamed Shannon for everything and started stalking her. He became even more enraged when he realized Shannon and Richard were planning on staying together and improving their marriage. This led to him devising a revenge scheme against the Murray family, who by that point had moved to Cupertino, California.


Known VictimsEdit

  • Unspecified dates, Carson City, Nevada:
    • 2013: An unspecified assault
    • 2015: An unspecified assault
  • July 10, 2016, Cupertino, California:
    • The party shooting:
      • Wesley Cox (shot in the chest at point-blank range)
      • Jill Wade (shot twice in the back)
      • Donna Nichols (shot in the head)
      • Fernando Cortez (shot in the head like the previous victim)
      • Wendy Rivera (shot in the neck; survived, but later died of her injuries at a hospital)
      • Shannon Murray (abducted and attempted to kill; was rescued the next day at Carson City, Nevada)
    • The Murray family (Shannon's family; all abducted and taken to Carson City, Nevada)
      • Richard Murray (father; later accidentally shot in the stomach the next day)
      • Lila Murray (daughter; escaped the next day)
      • Terry Murray (son; escaped the next day)