Evan Prescott



Birth Date

October 25, 1998


Laura Bakerton (née Prescott; mother; deceased)
Montell Lee Darius (father; deceased)
Ellen Prescott (maternal grandmother; deceased)
Jason Prescott (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Annette Prescott (maternal aunt; deceased)
William Bakerton (stepfather; deceased)
Janice Bakerton (half-sister)


Serial Killer (originally)
Spree Killer (later)

Modus Operandi


No. of Victims

4 killed



Evan Prescott is a half-black, half-white, full-psychopathic serial-turned-spree killer who first started murdering people when he was eight years old.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unspecified dates in 2006, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho:
    • Kelly Chastain (bludgeoned with a tree branch)
    • Jessica Hart (manually strangled)
    • Annette Prescott (his aunt; stabbed over 50 times)
  • Unspecified date in 2008, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: Unnamed nurse (shanked in the neck)
  • 2016:
    • December 23, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: The prison bus escape:
      • The two unnamed prison guards (both shanked repeatedly)
      • The unnamed driver (shanked in the neck)
      • Unnamed male motorist (snapped his neck and stole his car)
    • December 23-24, Helena, Montana: Unnamed gas station clerk (shanked in the neck; killed for his uniform)
    • December 24:
      • Greeley, Colorado: Franklin and Joan Hicks (both shanked repeatedly and stole their knives and car)
      • Denver, Colorado:
        • Sofia Hernandez (the Bakertons' housekeeper; stabbed 36 times)
        • Unnamed female motorist (stabbed; killed for her car)
      • Dallas, Texas: The hotel massacre:
        • An unnamed concierge (stabbed in the throat)
        • An unnamed concierge (slashed her throat)
        • An unnamed concierge (stabbed repeatedly)
        • William Bakerton (his stepfather; slashed his throat)
        • The Morris family
          • Wanda Morris (mother and William's sister; bludgeoned with a table-lamp)
          • Richard Morris (father; strangled with bed-sheets)
          • Susie Morris (daughter; stabbed repeatedly)
          • Michael Morris (son; smothered with a pillow)
    • December 24-25, unspecified location in Texas: Officer Ethan Taylor (stabbed in the neck)
    • December 25, Galveston, Texas:
      • Laura Bakerton (his mother; abducted from Dallas and later slashed her throat)
      • Janice Bakerton (his half-sister; abducted from Dallas and attempted to kill; she escaped)
      • An unnamed couple (incidental; both stabbed repeatedly)
      • Unnamed woman (held at knifepoint)
      • Dr. Mable Harper (his psychologist; stabbed three times in the back)
      • Dr. Tara Lewis (abducted and held captive; was rescued on January 1, 2017)
      • Unnamed male motorist (bludgeoned with Lewis' handgun and stole his car)
    • December 25-26, New Orleans, Louisiana: Unnamed gas station clerk (intended)
    • December 31, Miami, Florida: Detective Sam Ogilvie (incidental; stabbed repeatedly in the torso)
  • January 1, 2017, Miami, Florida: David Rossi (attempted to stab)