Criminal Organization


Kyle Birch
Craig Sutton


Killing Team
Mass Murderers

Country of Origin

Pennsylvania, U.S.

Area of Operation

East Allegheny, Pennsylvania


Kyle Birch

No. of Mutual Victims

7 killed
1 attempted
2 victimless robberies

Appx no. of Members

2 (1 deceased, 1 incarcerated)

Kyle Birch and Craig Sutton were a pair of mass murderers who robbed a fast-food restaurant in "In the Ring".


Kyle was a boxer and a frycook at a fast-food restaurant, while Craig was a close friend of his. Both were affiliated with a local gang in nearby Pittsburgh, but at a low level. Recently, Kyle was fired from his job at the restaurant for his string of confrontations with his colleagues and customers. In 2014, Kyle stole a suitcase belonging to a high-level gangster and spent some of the money in it on leisure items. His activities were found out by the gangster, who gave him a week to repay him the money he spent, lest he be killed. Subsequently, Kyle recruited Craig and the two went on a robbing spree targeting restaurants. While the first two robberies didn't result in casualties, Kyle went on a rampage at the third restaurant, which was his former workplace, and Craig joined in. The resulting massacre left five dead, one fatally wounded, and Samuel Jareau, the brother of Jennifer Jareau, knocked out and left as a patsy.

In the RingEdit

Modus OperandiEdit

During the restaurant robbery and massacre, Kyle shot his victims with a sawed-off shotgun, while Craig shot his victims with a revolver. Kyle also beat Sahir Jayaraman, the true object of his rage, with his bare fists. The two then robbed the restaurant. Kyle later beat Craig to death with his bare fists, and attempted to do the same to Samuel.


Known VictimsEdit

  • 2014:
    • December 25: A victimless restaurant robbery
    • December 26: A victimless restaurant robbery
    • December 27: The restaurant robbery and massacre (all were shot):
      • Sahir Jayaraman (the owner; also beaten by Kyle with his fists)
      • Katie Cernak (waitress)
      • William Marshall (frycook)
      • Damien Clark (cashier)
      • Ian Petersen (customer)
      • Tanya Spelling (customer; survived, but died from her wounds at a hospital the next day)
      • Samuel Jareau (frycook; assaulted and knocked out by Kyle)
    • December 28: Craig Sutton (beaten to death by Kyle with his fists; killed to remove loose ends)
    • December 29: Samuel Jareau (attempted, but survived; was beaten by Kyle)