Marcus Crawford


Michael Crossman
The Monster of Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Monster



Birth Date

February 11, 1968


William Crawford (father; deceased)
Elsie Crawford (mother; deceased)
Susan Crawford (sister)
Katherine Miller (maternal aunt; deceased)


U.S. Army soldier (discharged)


Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
Pedophile (originally)
Copycat (later)

Modus Operandi




Marcus Crawford was a serial killer and rapist. He was the arch-nemesis of Jennifer Jareau.


Crawford was sexually abused by his mother and maternal aunt as a child, which caused him to develop a psychopathic rage towards all women, especially beautiful blondes (since they reminded him of his abusers), and children. This eventually led him to start burglarizing homes and setting fires, as well as sexually abuse his younger sister, who was spared from the abuse he received.

His murders first started during his time in the British Army, when he killed three children during the Gulf War. After completing his service and being medically discharged, he immigrated to the U.S., where he continued killing.

He was previously the main suspect in the murders of several children in Allentown, Pennsylvania, but served time for the murders of only two of the victims due to a poorly handled investigation. He was released halfway into his sentence by inexperienced prison staff and social workers, who believed that he was reformed. He moved to Philadelphia and began killing blonde, beautiful women in a more organized fashion, having learned from the mistakes he made during his first set of killings.

After killing a woman in 2015, Crawford was looked at by the BAU, initially as a witness. He set his sights on JJ after she interrogated him several times throughout the investigation and inadvertently establishing dominance over him. He started a new string of killings based on crimes she investigated, all in order to reassert his dominance over her. The climactic showdown began when he directly targeted JJ's family and tried to kill her sons Henry and Michael. He was shot dead by Morgan before he could do so.

Known VictimsEdit

Personal VictimsEdit

  • Dates further unspecified, Birmingham, England:
    • 1976-1989: Committed numerous victimless acts of arson and burglary in England
    • 1980-1989: Susan Crawford (his sister; raped and sexually abused repeatedly only)
  • October 1990, unspecified location in Saudi Arabia: Three unnamed local children (all raped and fatally shot in the back of the head)
  • March 1993, Allentown, Pennsylvania:
    • Maylene Jackson (raped and beaten; charges for her murder were dropped)
    • Jason Blake (raped and beaten)
    • Quinn Parks (raped and beaten; charges for his murder were dropped)
    • Sasha Mueller (raped and beaten; charges for her murder were dropped)
    • Grace Washington (raped and beaten)
    • Shawn Gabor (raped and beaten; charges for his murder were dropped)
    • Jamie Stephens (attempted; she escaped; charges for her attempted murder were dropped)
  • Dates further unspecified:
    • 2006, Doylestown, Pennsylvania: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
    • 2008:
      • Camden, New Jersey: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
      • Woodbury, New Jersey: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
    • 2010, Chester, Pennsylvania: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
    • 2013, Mount Holly, New Jersey: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
    • 2014, Norristown, Pennsylvania: Unnamed woman (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly)
  • 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
    • August 2: Holly Devin (raped, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly; was eight months pregnant; her body was found on December 14)
    • December 15: Jessica Durning (stole her gun and shot her in the chest)
    • December 16: The prison bus escape (all were beaten with a stolen baton, tied up, and killed by an explosion):
      • The unnamed driver
      • Two unnamed prison guards
  • 2016:
    • January 23-24, Quantico, Virginia: Julianne Jennings (tortured in a variety of ways based on Tivon Askari and eventually died from the torture, then left in a walk-in freezer; partially based on Jon Kanak; her body was found on July 21)
    • July 20, Quantico, Virginia: The bodies in the forest near the BAU headquarters:
      • Meg Collins (the wife of a murder victim in Providence, Rhode Island; slashed her throat on July 16; based on her husband's murder)
      • Kate Joyce (the victim of an abduction and attempted murder in Atlantic Beach, Maryland; drowned on July 18; partially based on her near-death experience)
      • Linda Ellison (the ex-wife of a pedophile investigated by the BAU in Boston, Massachusetts; blinded with sulfuric acid and asphyxiated on the same day she was found)
    • July 22, Quantico, Virginia, U.S.: Rosemary Jennings (Jennifer Jennings' sister; slashed her wrists and placed her body in JJ's bathtub to resemble a suicide; based on Rosaline's suicide)
    • July 23:
      • Washington, D.C.: The LaMontagne family (JJ's family; abducted and attempted to kill; all were rescued the next day)
        • Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. (father; also tortured by beating and stabbing)
        • Henry LaMontagne (eldest son)
        • Michael LaMontagne (youngest son; threw violently at Hotch, but he was safely caught)
      • Gaithersburg, Maryland: Unnamed male motorist (shot in the head; killed for his car)
    • July 24, East Allegheny, Pennsylvania:
      • Sandy Jareau (JJ's mother; held hostage and shot in the stomach)
      • Jennifer Jareau (assaulted, attempted to rape, and intended to kill)

Proxy VictimsEdit

  • 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
    • December 15: The police station shooting committed by Jessica Durning:
      • William Devin (Holly's husband and suspected killer; shot twice in the chest)
      • Derek Morgan (attempted; shot at, but hit David Rizzo instead)
      • Detective David Rizzo (shot in the back by a stray bullet; died in the hospital)
    • December 16: Several unnamed inmates (all injured in a prison brawl orchestrated by Crawford and another inmate)