Criminal Organization


The Annapolis Eight


Killing Team

Country of Origin

Maryland, U.S.

Area of Operation

Washington Metropolitan Area


Manuel Lopez

No. of Mutual Victims

20 killed
30 attempted
1 abducted

Appx no. of Members

8 (6 deceased, 2 incarcerated)

The Annapolis Eight were a group of inmates who escaped Stone Adult Detention Center and went on a killing spree while trying to flee to Canada. They appeared in "Breakout".

Known MembersEdit

  • Leader: Manuel Lopez (robbed several convenience stores; deceased). Portrayed by Rick Gomez.
  • Lieutenant: Hector Gonzales (Lopez's cousin and partner; killed a police officer; deceased). Portrayed by Danny Trejo.
  • Followers:
    • Gregory Rickett (a serial killer/rapist; deceased). Portrayed by Bill Irwin.
    • Peter Warner (a serial rapist; incarcerated). Portrayed by Christian Hoff.
    • Gus Stahl (a pedophile and child abductor; deceased). Portrayed by Kevin Anderson.
    • Ronald Choi (a family annihilator stalking the daughter; deceased). Portrayed by Sung Kang.
    • Demetrius Clark (shot and injured his wife in a domestic dispute; incarcerated). Portrayed by Chris Bridges.
    • Hank Grosswell (committed a triple homicide during a drug deal; deceased). Portrayed by Clayne Crawford.

Known VictimsEdit

Separate CrimesEdit

  • Unspecified date in 1992: Unnamed boy (molested by Stahl)
  • Unspecified dates from 1995 to 2010: Eight unnamed women (all raped, tortured, and killed by Rickett)
  • Unspecified date in 2006: Jessica Parr (attempted, but survived; was raped and tortured by Rickett; she escaped)
  • Unspecified date in 2007: Ethan Meyers (abducted, held captive, and molested repeatedly by Stahl; was rescued months later)
  • January 2008:
    • Five victimless convenience store robberies (all committed by Lopez)
    • Officer Donald Harris (shot by Gonzales)
    • Officer Stanley Wisk (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot by Gonzales)
  • Unspecified dates from 2008 to 2012: Fifteen unnamed women (all raped by Warner)
  • December 31, 2010: The Gold family (all stabbed repeatedly)
    • The unnamed parents
    • Danielle Gold (daughter; survived; previously stalked for months)
    • The two unnamed sons
  • Unspecified date in 2012: Sasha Hall (raped by Warner)
  • September 13, 2014: Shanice Clark (Clark's wife; attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot by him)
  • August 6, 2015: The triple homicide committed by Grosswell:
    • Stanley Colm (shot twice in the chest)
    • Jim and Mary Budd (incidental; both shot in the back of the head)

Mutual VictimsEdit

  • 2015:
    • August 24, Annapolis, Maryland:
      • Officer Aaron Rickshaw (prison guard; incidental; shanked repeatedly by Rickett)
      • Jorge and Elena Castillo:
        • Jorge Castillo (shot in the head by Lopez)
        • Elena Castillo (abducted by all five, raped and tortured repeatedly by Rickett and Warner, and stabbed repeatedly by Warner the next day)
    • August 25:
      • Annapolis, Maryland: The Clark family
        • Shanice Clark (mother; assaulted by Clark and fatally bludgeoned by Stahl)
        • Tarell Rices (Shanice's boyfriend; assaulted and knocked out by Clark alone)
        • Demont Clark (son; abducted by Stahl and held captive by all five; was rescued the next day)
        • Taiquana Clark (daughter; abducted by Stahl and held captive by all five; shot in the head by Choi the next day)
      • Hanover, Maryland: Demetrius Clark (member; attempted, but barely survived; was shot in the chest by Lopez and left to die)
    • August 26, Washington, D.C.:
      • The bus station shootout committed by all eight:
        • Detective Walker (first name unrevealed; shot in the head by Gonzales)
        • An unnamed police officer (shot in the chest by Lopez)
        • Aaron Hotchner (attempted, but survived; was grazed in the arm by Rickett)
        • David Rossi (attempted; shot in the chest by Choi, but was protected by a bulletproof vest)
        • Derek Morgan (attempted; shot at by all eight, but missed)
        • Spencer Reid (attempted; shot at by all eight, but missed)
        • Mateo Cruz (attempted; shot at by all eight, but missed)
        • An unnamed police officer (killed)
        • Three unnamed police officers (all injured)
        • Two unnamed bystanders (both killed)
        • Five unnamed bystanders (all injured)
      • The bus standoff and massacre committed by Rickett and Choi:
        • The unnamed driver (shot in the head by Rickett)
        • Eight unnamed passengers (all killed)
        • Ten unnamed passengers (all injured)
        • Six unnamed passengers (attempted)
      • The warehouse standoff committed by Lopez and Stahl:
        • Unnamed security guard (incidental; shot repeatedly in the chest by Lopez or Stahl)
        • Spencer Reid (assaulted and held at gunpoint by Lopez)
        • Derek Morgan (Stahl attempted to shoot him)