Criminal Organization


None specific


Killer Family

Country of Origin

South Carolina, U.S.

Area of Operation

Southern U.S.


Garret Baker

No. of Victims

35 killed
5 attempted
2 raped

Appx no. of Members

4 (3 deceased, 1 incarcerated)

The Baker Brothers were a group of three brothers and one cousin who went on a killing spree.

The group was led by the cousin, a manipulative psychopath named Garret who was recently released after serving a twelve-year sentence for rape. He awakened the brothers' natural sociopathic tendencies and guided them in sexually abusing their sisters.

Garret and two of the brothers were killed, while the third brother was apprehended by the BAU.

Known MembersEdit

  • Garret Baker (leader; cousin and eldest member; deceased)
  • Jeremiah Baker, Jr. (eldest brother; deceased)
  • Josiah Baker (middle brother; incarcerated)
  • James Baker (youngest brother; deceased)

Known VictimsEdit

  • May 14, 2003, Baltimore, Maryland: Unnamed woman (raped by Garrett alone)
  • May 14, 2015, Whitmire, Maryland: Miriam Baker (eldest sister of the Baker family; raped repeatedly by all four, then shot by Garret)
  • Unspecified dates from 2015 to 2016, Whitmire, Maryland: Mary Baker (middle sister of the Baker family; raped repeatedly; eventually committed suicide on June 1, 2015)
  • 2016:
    • June 23, Whitmire, South Carolina: The Baker family murders:
      • Jeremiah Baker, Sr. (patriarch of the Baker family; shot in the stomach)
      • Martha Baker (matriarch of the Baker family; raped, burned with cigarettes, and fatally strangled repeatedly)
      • Myra Baker (youngest sister of the Baker family; stabbed 23 times, bludgeoned 17 times, and shot three times)
    • June 26, Lexington, South Carolina: Unnamed gas station clerk (robbed and shot with a rifle)
    • June 28, Ridgeland, South Carolina: The local gas station robbery:
      • The unnamed clerk (tortured, sodomized with a crowbar, and fatally slashed his throat)
      • Two unnamed customers (both shot)
    • June 29, Hardeeville, South Carolina: Jamar Easton (killed by unknown causes for his car; his body was never found)
    • July 1, Eastman, Georgia: The Eastward Eastman Diner robbery (all were bludgeoned and fatally shot repeatedly):
      • Mason Guss
      • Wilbur Jackington
      • Ellen Walling
      • Markayla Marsh
    • July 2, Selma, Alabama: The Hawkins Diner robbery:
      • Dylan Hawkin (the owner; shot in the head with a pistol by Garret)
      • Karen Montgomery (cashier; raped and bludgeoned)
      • Charles Springer (cashier; shot twice by James)
      • Jenna Peters (waitress; raped, sexually violated with a knife, and stabbed repeatedly)
      • Nathan Parshlen (customer; shot five times in the chest and once in the head by Garret; stole his gun)
      • Timothy and Ethel Carr (customers)
        • Timothy Carr (shot in the stomach by Jeremiah)
        • Ethel Carr (raped by Garret and her throat fatally slashed by Josiah)
      • The Shawns family (customers)
        • Edith Shawns (mother; raped and burned alive)
        • Taiquana Shawns (eldest daughter; raped, sexually violated with a knife, fatally stabbed and slashed repeatedly, and her body burned post-mortem)
        • Demont Shawns (son; abducted, beaten repeatedly, and fatally shot twice in the chest and head by Garret in Alexandria, Louisiana two days later)
        • Clairice Shawns (youngest daughter; abducted, molested by Garret alone, and attempted to kill; was rescued in Dallas, Texas)
    • July 3, Carthage, Mississippi: The Mockingbird Diner robbery:
      • Three unnamed males (all beaten and fatally shot in the stomach)
      • Janice (raped, tortured by choking, and slashed her throat)
      • Sasha (raped, tortured by beating, and slashed her throat)
      • Deshondra (raped, tortured by burning with cigarettes, and burned alive)
    • July 4:
      • Alexandria, Louisiana:
        • Bobby and Henrietta Williette (gas station owners; both shot and robbed)
          • Bobby Williette (shot in the head by James)
          • Henrietta Williette (shot three times by Josiah)
        • The bus station shooting committed by Garret alone:
          • Detective Harding (first name unrevealed; shot in the head)
          • Unnamed man (shot in the torso)
          • Unnamed woman (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot in the chest)
          • Derek Morgan (attempted; shot at twice, but missed)
          • Aaron Hotchner (attempted; shot in the stomach, but was protected by a bulletproof vest)
          • Spencer Reid (attempted; shot in the chest, but was protected by a bulletproof vest)
          • Unnamed motorist (shot in the head for his car)
      • Leesville, Louisiana: James Baker (member; stabbed over 50 times)