Criminal Organization


The D.C. Abductors


Homegrown Terrorists
Mass Murderers

Country of Origin


Area of Operation

Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., U.S.

No. of Mutual Victims

57 killed
1 attempted
3-19 killed by proxy
382 abducted


Danielle Hastings

No. of Members

Several dozens

The D.C. Abductors were a group of homegrown terrorists who abducted an entire elementary school in Washington, D.C.

Modus OperandiEdit

The group carried out the Jefferson Elementary School mass abduction by posing as federal authorities, warning the staff about an armed man headed for the school. This prompted the staff to evacuate the school, where members, posing as police officers, would take everyone away in school buses under the pretense of sending them to a safe location. Once everyone was in their captivity, the group would separate the adults from the children and shoot them in the back of the head execution-style.

Known MembersEdit

  • Leader: Danielle Hastings (deceased). Portrayed by Melora Hardin.
  • Lieutenant: Noland Phelps (deceased). Portrayed by John Mese.
  • Followers:
    • Annette Bishop (deceased). Portrayed by Julie Berman.
    • Agent Stephen Rush (the undercover BAU agent; incarcerated). Portrayed by Paul Schneider.
    • Dozens of unnamed members (all either deceased or incarcerated). Portrayed by uncredited actors.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2015:
    • September 6: The Jefferson Elementary School mass abduction:
      • The following were later killed:
        • Principal Melinda Williams
        • Vice Principal Alexander Tyson
        • Katherine Mays (Henry's teacher)
        • 53 other unnamed teachers and faculty members
      • Bethany Wan (teacher; attempted, but barely survived; was shot in the head)
      • The following were later sold to a human trafficking ring:
        • Henry LaMontagne (sold to Willie Marsh; was rescued two days later)
        • Three unnamed children (all killed by their captors two days later)
        • Five unnamed children (all were rescued two days later)
        • Sixteen unnamed children (all remain missing and their statuses unknown)
      • The following escaped the next day:
        • June Watkins
        • Eleven unnamed children
      • The following were rescued two days later:
        • Marla Richards
        • Zachary Saylor
        • 363 unnamed children
    • September 7:
      • Annette Bishop (member; shot in the chest by Danielle)
      • The command center shooting committed by Rush and four other members:
        • Seven unnamed police officers (all killed)
        • Ten unnamed police officers (all injured)
        • David Rossi (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot in the shoulder and grazed his neck)
        • Penelope Garcia (attempted, but survived; was struck by flying glass)
        • Spencer Reid (attempted; shot at, but missed)
        • Aaron Hotchner (attempted; shot at, but missed)
        • Derek Morgan (attempted; shot at, but missed)
        • Emily Prentiss (attempted; shot at, but missed)
        • Clyde Easter (attempted; shot at, but missed)
        • Detective William Richards (Marla Richards' father; shot twice in the stomach and head by Rush)
        • Jennifer Jareau (assaulted; pistol-whipped by Rush)