Criminal Organization


The Houston Serial Killer


Serial Killers

Country of Origin

Texas, U.S.

Area of Operation

Greater Houston, Texas



No. of Mutual Victims

80+ killed

No. of Members

5 (3 deceased; 2 incarcerated)

The Houston Serial Killer, also referred to as HSK, was a nickname given to what was initially believed to be a single serial killer operating in the Greater Houston area. The BAU later discovered that HSK was actually three serial killers operating independently of each other. None of them personally knew each other during their killings, but one was aware of the others' activities and kept tabs on them. They appeared in "Hunting Ground".

Modus OperandiEdit

HSK targeted females living in Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area. Each killer's methods varied somewhat: Finn charmed his victims into coming with him before torturing, raping, and killing them through a variety of ways; Wilkins blitz-attacked his victims, quickly killed them by shooting them, and had sex with their corpses; and Kimball, with the help of his accomplices, lured his victims in before raping and killing them to silence them, also killing any potential witnesses.


At the time when HSK was believed to be a single serial killer, the BAU profiled the unsub as a mixed killer, or a killer with both organized and disorganized elements in his M.O. He had a broad range of preferred victims (females between the ages of eight and 35) and a wildly fluctuating M.O., rarely seen in serial killers. This indicated that his ultimate motivation was sex, power, and control; it did not matter the victimology or M.O. These elements only seemed to change depending on the killer's mood.

Known MembersEdit

Real-Life ComparisonEdit

HSK is based on the Freeway Killer, a serial killer case involving the murders of dozens of young males whose bodies were disposed of alongside freeways. Much like HSK, the Freeway Killer was initially believed to be a single serial killer, but later revealed to be three serial killers operating independently of each other, with none of them aware of each others' presences. These three killers were Patrick Kearney, William Bonin (who was assisted by several accomplices), and Randy Kraft, who each provide inspiration to an individual HSK killer.