Criminal Organization


The Spring Breakers


Spree Killers

Country of Origin

Florida, U.S.

Area of Operation

Panama City Beach, Florida


Each other

No. of Mutual Victims

12 killed

No. of Members

4 (3 deceased; 1 incarcerated)

The Spring Breakers were a group of college girls who started a killing spree in "Scary and Nice".

Known MembersEdit

Known VictimsEdit

  • April 1, 2015, Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Sheila Madison (beaten and burned by Stephanie and Cassie only)
  • 2016, Panama City Beach, Florida:
    • March 20-21: The motel massacre (all were burned, beaten, bludgeoned, and stabbed):
      • Jason Peters
      • Stephen Carr
      • Eddie Gonzalez
      • James Butler
    • March 21-22: The gas station robbery:
      • Hakeem Faizan (the owner; bludgeoned by Erica, then fatally shot in the head with his own revolver by Stephanie)
      • Carlos Ramirez (customer; shot four times by Cassie)
    • March 22: Paul Maynard (attempted to torture, then shot in the back by Stephanie)
    • March 22-23: Faith Hill (member; bludgeoned with a crowbar by Erica under Stephanie and Cassie's orders)
    • March 23:
      • Unnamed gun dealer (bludgeoned by Stephanie and Cassie only, then fatally shot by Cassie; killed for his guns)
      • The restaurant standoff:
        • The unnamed manager (shot in the head by Stephanie)
        • Jennifer Jareau (attempted; Erica shot at her, but missed)
        • Numerous unnamed employees and customers (held hostage by Stephanie, Cassie, and Erica)
        • Cassie Johnson (member; shot in the back by Erica)
        • Erica Mitchell (member; Stephanie attempted to shoot her)