Tyler Proctor



Birth Date

January 29, 1999


Bill Proctor (father)
Laurie Proctor (mother)
Savannah Proctor (sister)
Johnny Proctor (brother)
Yancy Eastman (paternal aunt; deceased)
Curtis Eastman (paternal uncle by marriage; deceased)
Dale Eastman (cousin; deceased)
Joanna Eastman (cousin; deceased)
Unnamed maternal grandmother (deceased)


High school student


Budding Serial Killer
Budding Serial Rapist

Modus Operandi

Copying the Triple Six Killer



Portrayed By

Jake T. Austin

"My God, Dale, I just want all of this to stop! I didn't ask for any of this!"

Tyler Proctor is a budding serial killer and rapist who assisted his cousin Dale Eastman in copying the Triple Six Killer in "666".


Tyler was born in a devout Catholic family living in Boulder, Colorado. However, he grew to despise following the religion strongly due to the strict environment of his Catholic school, which he couldn't handle. In his teenage years, his anger intensified and Tyler decided to rebel against his parents. As a result, he purchased a number of Satanic paraphernalia, subscribed to several occult websites, and claimed to be a worshiper of the Devil online, though he didn't tell his parents about it yet. One day, his cousin Dale Eastman, who his family took in after he lost his biological family, came across his stash. However, Dale instead persuaded Tyler that the only way to truly rebel against his parents was to commit a series of Satanic-oriented crimes. Having looked up to Dale, Tyler agreed, but was horrified when he participated in the abduction, torture, and murder of their first victim together, a woman named Chelsea Hawkins. However, he was too afraid to turn himself in and continued to assist Dale.

Modus OperandiEdit

See section on the Dale Eastman and Tyler Proctor article

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2015:
    • June 7: Chelsea Hawkins (abducted, held captive, fatally exsanguinated a week later, and dismembered post-mortem; disposed her body parts in front of houses and public buildings)
    • June 15-16: Jeanna Elks (raped and exsanguinated)
    • June 16: Linda Warner (abducted and attempted to kill; was rescued the next day)
    • June 17:
      • Savannah Proctor (his sister; held hostage)
      • Dale Eastman (his cousin and partner; assaulted)